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Best Breakfast Places in Gatlinburg

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Discover the Best Breakfast Spots in Gatlinburg: A Foodie's Guide

Gatlinburg, nestled at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, is not only famous for its scenic views but also its vibrant culinary scene. Breakfast in Gatlinburg is a treat for anyone looking to start their day with delicious flavors and hearty options. Whether you’re craving fluffy pancakes, savory biscuits and gravy, or a healthy start with fruits and oats, Gatlinburg has something to offer. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best breakfast places in this charming mountain town.

The Pancake Pantry

As Tennessee’s first pancake house, The Pancake Pantry has been a Gatlinburg staple since 1960. Famous for their scratch-made pancakes and variety of syrups, this eatery offers a cozy, cabin-like atmosphere that’s perfect for a family breakfast. Don’t miss their Sweet Potato Pancakes and the Old-fashioned Buttermilk Pancakes – favorites that keep locals and tourists coming back.

Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast Camp

For a taste of history along with your meal, head to Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast Camp. Named after the legendary frontiersman Davy Crockett, this restaurant offers a rustic setting with a menu that pays homage to the hearty meals once enjoyed by pioneers. The “Elk Mountain Grande Burrito” and “Cades Cove Cast Iron Skillet” are must-tries for those with a hearty appetite.

Log Cabin Pancake House

If you’re in the mood for a breakfast that feels like a warm hug, Log Cabin Pancake House is the place to go. Offering a vast array of pancake options including Cornmeal Pancakes and Caribbean Pancakes with banana, nuts, and coconut, this spot delights with its homey feel and friendly service.

Little House of Pancakes

A hidden gem in Gatlinburg, Little House of Pancakes offers a no-frills dining experience with top-notch flavors. Known for generous portions and affordable prices, they serve up classic American breakfasts with a smile. Try the country ham and eggs for a truly satisfying southern breakfast.

Wild Plum Tea Room

For a unique twist on breakfast, visit the Wild Plum Tea Room, inspired by Austrian tea houses. Located in the Arts and Crafts Community, they offer a serene setting perfect for enjoying homemade dishes. Their salmon quiche and wild plum tea are exceptional and offer a lighter, gourmet start to the day.

Atrium Pancakes

Famous for their Baked Apple Pancake, Atrium Pancakes features a menu filled with inventive and traditional dishes. This spot has a more modern feel and is ideal for those looking to enjoy a leisurely breakfast in a bright, airy environment.

Gatlinburg offers an array of breakfast spots suitable for every palate and preference. From historic settings to modern eateries, each restaurant brings something unique to the table. As you explore the beauty of the Smokies, be sure to start your day off right with a visit to one of these top breakfast destinations. Happy eating!

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